Patent 6,059,071

Issued on May 9, 2000

The idea for this design was a result of my increasing frustration with traditional sawhorses. They are either too heavy, too bulky, or require extra materials to construct. I felt it was time to create a sawhorse that addressed all these issues as well as added features that brought the traditional sawhorse up-to-date.

The new design is constructed of a rigid plastic crossmember and 4 aluminum legs. The features that set my design apart from traditional sawhorses are:

1) a carrying handle and storage for the legs built into the main beam
2) standard and metric units molded into the main beam for easy measuring of materials
3) I-beam construction for added strength.

All wrapped up in a package that, when stored, takes up less space than a standard household vacuum. It is the perfect device for do-it-yourselfers.

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